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This is My Fun Page!!
I received my Masters in Education Technology last year from Lesley University. One of the courses I had to take was Robotics. Here is a picture of my robot named Benny the Bengal cat. I made the stuffed cat from a reduced rabbit pattern that I sewed together. I made the nose, ears, and whiskers. I glued the moveable eyes on. The tail has a wire hanger in it to keep it up and stuffed the animal with panty hose except the body since it had to sit over the robot part. Roll over the picture to see the underneath of the stuffed animal for the actual RCX robot that was programmed using Robo lab software. There is a light sensor attached to the front of the animal and programmed to play music when it sees a blue mouse. It will go in a circle because it is happy once it has "picked" up 4 mice.

Benny's Insides


Benny the Bengal Cat !!!! He likes to eat blue mice !!

What a different kind of CAT !!!!!


What kind of animals do you have???
updated 9/02/2009